NAET Allergy Elimination Therapy

What is NAET Allergy Elimination and how does it work?

 As the name implies, it is a therapy that helps allergies, but what I am really doing with this technique is unblocking energy in the body.


So what does that mean?

This therapy is based on acupuncture theory which states that we have energy running through pathways in our body and those pathways connect up to our organs. The energy in the paths help the organs work properly. If those pathways get blocked, then we get symptoms, and those can be your allergies or some other symptoms you may not think of as allergies (such as headaches, fatigue or nausea). 

Now, “energy” might not be an idea that people are comfortable with but if you think about the body, we run on a lot of different energies.  These energies can even be measured in medicine; ECGs measure the electrical activity of the heart to see if it is working properly and we can measure electrical energy of the brain (brainwaves) to look for problems. Our nervous system is like a big electrical system that is sending signals to the brain or to our muscles and organs. Then there are the chemical energies of the hormones. The word “energy” should not seem too foreign when you can see it works in both worlds of medicine - both Eastern and Western.

We also know that everything else in the world has energy:  the food we eat, the pollens, animals, and so on. We don’t necessarily see this energy ­– the same way we cannot see the wave particles that hit our eye when we know we are looking at something blue or green. Those energies can affect the energy in our body and how it functions. They can block our own energy and cause dysfunction in the body. This is really what we are checking and fixing.


How do we check for those energy blockages? 

If energy gets blocked in your body, it will also block energy to the muscles, and they will weaken. I  do something called muscle testing where I expose you to the energy of the item and then check the strength of a muscle by pushing on it. You will be able to tell the difference between a strong muscle (no energy blockage) and a weak muscle (your energy is being blocked).

Unblocking the energy involves a very gentle technique of acupressure on specific acupuncture points in the body that help unblock the energy flow. This is also based on acupuncture theory: when we insert a needle into an acupuncture point on an energy pathway, we say we are opening a gate and allowing energy to flow freely, that is, we are unblocking the blocked energy flow.

The goal of doing all of this is stop your symptoms from happening.  For example, I have treated many people who have had severe digestive symptoms from ingesting dairy – stomach pain, cramps and diarrhea. By doing this technique and clearing the energy blockages that milk or other dairy products cause in their bodies, these people can actually have dairy products without any symptoms, and very often that lasts, so they do not experience those symptoms again!

The goal of this therapy is to check for and unblock energy imbalances in the body. In doing so, the organs can function properly and your symptoms are relieved.  

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